Here is a summary of today’s 7-30-2020 meeting:


·         Many thanks to Alan MacKinnon and The Gardens Cemetery for hosting our first face to face meeting since COVID-19 forced us to meet virtually. Alan also graciously provided lunch for us as well. Great to see everyone in person!! Members joining us were Jim Hennigan, President John Sullivan, Joe Murphy, Lauralee Davis, Dave Peterson, Ken Cunningham, Alan MacKinnon, Bob McNeil and Vice President Warren Frank, who also brought in some of his homemade muffins!

·         Other than catching up, most of our meeting revolved around our upcoming Softball Game and Donations to the Jason Robert’s Challenger League. Again, our Charity Softball Game to benefit the Jason Robert’s Challenger League will be on Wednesday Evening September 16th at Jason Robert’s Field at the Ohrenberger School on West Boundary Road West Roxbury. The donation to play will be $25. Food will be available and we will be practicing proper social distancing protocol. We need players! Put it on your calendar as this will probably be the only live charity event for our club for 2020.

·         As mentioned in last meeting’s notes, we owe a debt of gratitude to Eunice Davis for single handedly soliciting local businesses for donations to our club, specifically for the Jason Robert’s Challenger League. Along with our club’s $500 donation and checks received from Eunice and from some members, we have $1,500 collected. This is not including other donations coming in from other members and other business owners. If you would like to make a personal donation to our Kiwanis Club for the Jason Robert’s Challenger League, please respond to this email to let me know how much you will be sending. We will be depositing all the checks collected and issuing a check to the Challenger League (for the total amount committed) later next week so let me know soon. Thank you in advance.

·         What gives???? Ken Cunningham was at the meeting today, but no Ken Cunningham Word of the Day was given?!. Oh well, next time.

·         We did not discuss the date for our next meeting. I will confirm with the powers to be and advise at a later date.

·         For information on upcoming events and helpful links, please log onto our Web-Site at


I believe that is all for now.


Bob McNeil