Here is a summary of 11/10/2022 meeting:


  • A huge thank you to all our members and volunteers who made our 34th Live Auction a success. So far, our net profit is $13,555, not including some additional funds that were collected yesterday. We are in line with profits from 2019!! Many thanks to Kelly, Molly and the rest of the crew from the YMCA for all of their help. As John Sullivan always says, if everyone can do a little, a lot get done. That is exactly what we did as a group. Well done folks.

  • Now on to our traditional end of year activities. Our club will be donating 12 Poinsettia plants to the Deutsches Altenheim for the holiday season. Ken Cunningham will be picking them up on Black Friday, November 25th and delivering to the German Centre. On Thursday, December 1st, we will be filling out Holiday Cards for the residents at the Altenheim. On Thursday, December 8th, we will be back to the Altenheim for the first time since 2019 for our annual holiday luncheon. Our club has arranged for Demetrios to entertain the residents of the German Centre. After our luncheon, we will join Demetrios in singing some Holiday Carols. Finally, on Thursday December 15th, we will have our annual Yankee Swap (either at the German Centre or the YMCA). Bring a wrapped gift valued at about $25 and prepare for a great time. We will be having our traditional Chinese Food Lunch. There will be no meetings on December 22nd and December 29th. We will reconvene the first week of January to start making plans for calendar year 2023. Possibly another Comedy Show and a Trivia Night??!!

  • Dave Peterson has been in contact with members of the Needham High Key Club. They recently finished up a book drive and will be having a business meeting with member to discuss dues, etc. We have a club banner for the club. Hopefully we will be able to join them in the near future to present them with their Kiwanis supplies.

  • The Ken Cunningham Word of the Day was “LACONIC” which of course means brief in conversation or to the point.

  • Since Mike Lincoln was the big winner for or last Card Game, we started with three new decks and one Queen of Spades (not counting Mike’s Queen of Spades that he tried to sneak in). No winners this past week. We will try again next week. 

I believe that is all for now.


Bob McNeil