Here is a summary of last 7/9/20 Thursday’s Zoom Meeting:

·         Thank you to the following members for joining us at our last Zoom Meeting: Dave Peterson, Michael Lincoln, Bob McNeil, Barbara McNeil, Sean Brennan, John Sullivan and Warren Frank.

·         We jumped right into business on Thursday and had a long discussion on ordering our replacement T-shirts that we can wear at our Charity Events. Sean had some design and color ideas for us to review. Warren put together some design ideas as well. Sean & John were to talk in greater detail last Friday. We hope to have some new T-shirts ordered in the near future.

·         John spoke to Kerry O’Shea (O’Connor) from the Jason Roberts Challenger League. The kids have not been playing due to COVID-19 and the League is in need of funds as their usual Charity events for this year have been cancelled. Kerry was excited that we are planning a Charity Softball Game in September. We are clear to play, although the Challenger League players will not be joining us. John is checking with his Business Connects Group to confirm a weekend day in September for the event. Stay tuned…….In related news, our club voted to donate $500 to the Challenger League. I spoke to Eunice Davis from The Gardens Cemetery and she mentioned that they would be sending a donation to the League as well!

·         Dave Peterson was able to get our Kiwanis mail from Marion. We received thank you notes from Rose’s Bounty, The Deutsches Altenheim and from The Roslindale Food Pantry for our recent donations.

·         Mike Lincoln took the time to update us on how the German Centre is doing during the crisis. He reported that things were improving with families now being able to make outside visits and no recent Coronavirus Cases! We are all saddened that we will not be able to have our annual Summer Cookout at the Altenheim.

·         Our next Zoon Meeting is scheduled for Thursday July 23rd. Look for Sean Brennan’s invite in your e-mail

·         For information on upcoming events and helpful links, please log onto our Web-Site at www.kiwanisboston.org.

 I believe that is all for now. Bob McNeil 


Dave Peterson: New laptop up and working!! Never advisable to leave laptop bag next to your car even if just temporarily!


I believe that is all for now.

Bob McNeil