Here is a summary of 1/7/2021 Thursday’s Zoom Meeting:


·         Happy New Year to all. Thank you to our members who joined us on Thursday for our Zoom Meeting. It was great to see everyone and catch up. We will continue to have our meetings on Zoom every two weeks for the foreseeable future. I will be emailing Sean Brennan’s invite for our 1/21/21 meeting separately.

·         This is typically a quiet time of year for our club. With COVID still a concern, it will seem just a little more quiet. But, Sean Brennan is always thinking of ways to keep us active. With most of our major fundraisers cancelled last year and so far, up in the air for this year, Sean has proposed that we have a 50/50 drawing on line. Sounds like we will be selling $20 tickets through Venmo. Sean has put together a committee to discuss the details. I am sure it will be on the agenda for our next meeting.

·         Jim Hennigan reported that the recent Holiday Food Deliveries for the Mary Mulvey Jacobson Families in need program went well. Also, Jim mentioned that the recent on line Parkway Kettle Campaign for the Salvation Army made about $1,600 for the short amount of time it was available. Jim plans on offering the on line donation option again next year and we hope to be ringing the bells in person again! Thank you to our members (and our club for that matter) for donating time and money for both events.

·         Jacob, from West Roxbury Main Streets, recently introduced Tom Ulrich to our club (through Sean Brennan and myself). Tom is on the Steering Committee for the West Roxbury Boy Scouts Troop #1. They are looking to branch out and do more Community Service Projects. Tom and I spoke at length on Friday about Kiwanis and Troop 1. I have added Tom to our email list so he can keep up with our projects and keep in touch if he thinks Troop 1 can help out. I have invited Tom to join us at a face to face meeting when we start them up in the , hopefully, near future.

·         For information on upcoming events and helpful links, please log onto our Web-Site at



I believe that is all for now,



Bob McNeil