Here is a summary of our last meeting on Thursday August 19th at the YMCA along with some updated information:


  • Sorry for the delay in getting the notes our for our last meeting. For the second meeting in a row, we were forced inside due to the weather. Good showing of members considering! Good to see Alan MacKinnon and his crew, Michael Lincoln and Donna Arthur as well!!

  • Prior to the last meeting, I was able to speak with John Sullivan and he sends his best to us all. He is in good spirits as he deals with some health issues and hopes to be back with us by the beginning of 2022! At the time of our conversation, John wanted me to mention that our good friend and Committee Chair for the Roslindale Parade, Tom Donahue had a medical emergency and he wanted me to mention it to the club, which I did. Well, I am sorry to report that Tom passed away on 8/24/21. Tom was dedicated to the Roslindale community and was the long time President of the Roslindale Parade Committee. Tom was always very supportive of our club and will be missed. Keep an eye out for an email from Warren Frank with Tom’s arrangements. In summary, his wake is scheduled for Monday August 30th at the P.E. Murray-F.J. Higgins, George F. Doherty & Sons Funeral Home, 2000 Centre Street West Roxbury from 4-7pm….For anyone interested in getting involved with the Roslindale Parade Committee, please contact Albert Tedesca at 781-589-1282.

  • Speaking of the Roslindale Parade, it is scheduled for Sunday October 3rd and our Club is going to be marching/driving in the parade. We will need volunteers to march with us and hand out candy. Hope to see you there.

  • This past weekend, Dave Peterson represented our club at the first District Convention since before COVID. Although attendance was understandably down, a good crowd was at the event. The weekend included great speakers at the luncheons/dinners and community service events. Dave will updated more at our next meeting.

  • As has occurred more than a few times over the past couple of years, we brought up the possibility of considering becoming an official 501 C non-profit organization. Prior to COVID, Barbara McNeil was putting together a presentation and I believe representatives at our District Level were considering a presentation on the subject as well. Stay tuned.

  • Since we are having trouble getting members of the Kiwanis Auction Committees together for a meeting, I am listing below our Auction Committees and Committee Chairs. If you are not included on a list and you can/want to help out, contact the committee leader to get involved. I am listing myself as a member of each committee in order to help keep organized. As you know, our Annual Auction is scheduled for Friday November 5th at the Elks Club in West Roxbury. We need everyone to start soliciting items and selling ads for the program. A couple weeks back, I emailed out some Kiwanis Auction Forms and Copies of the Auction Items list from our last auction in 2019, which can all be helpful….I ask that all Committee Chairs please be in contact with their committee members to begin planning ASAP.


  1. Food Committee. Warren Frank, Chair. Sean Brennan, Stephanie Brothers, Bob McNeil members.

  2. Decorating Committee. Donna Arthur, Chair. Lauralee Davis, MaryBeth Pavilonis, Maria DiNanno, Bob McNeil members.

  3. Publicity Committee (including Program, Advertising, Ticket Sales). Bob McNeil, Chair. Dave Peterson, Marion Kelly members.

  4. Set Up Committee. We are all members of the set up committee.


  • Jim Hennigan announced that the West Roxbury Business & Professional Association will be starting up their fall meetings starting with a 7:45am meeting at the Corrib Pub in West Roxbury on Wednesday September 8th. Guest speakers will be candidates for the Boston City Council, District 6. Jim has already emailed the details separately.

  • Michael Lincoln reported that all is well at the Deutsches Altenheim on Centre Street. COVID continues to be a challenge for the German Centre and daily COVID testing continues throughout the campus. We miss our summer and winter events at the German Centre and look forward to one day visiting again .

  • Our next meeting is schedule for (next week) Thursday September 2nd at the YMCA. Weather permitting, we hope to be out under the big tent. Hope to see you there.

  • For information on upcoming events and helpful links, please log onto our Web-Site at



I believe that is all for now.

Bob McNeil